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Aledo ISD Calm Cat Program

"I cannot say enough about the Calm Cats program at Vandagriff Elementary.  We moved to Aledo from Nebraska in 2014 and my daughter has a history of anxiety.  Of course, her anxiety became extreme when moving to a new state and starting a new school.  The calm cats program was a blessing to our daughter.  She gained confidence, met new friends, learned coping skills for her anxiety, and most importantly, was able to realize that other kids struggle with anxiety just like she does.  In addition to the weekly meetings, she loved having a calm cats room that turned out to be a safe place to turn during those times when she needed to relax and deal with the stresses of school and life.

We watched our daughter start out the school year in 2014 with tears, anxiety, feelings of sickness and sometimes refusal to go to school.  Today she is excited to go to school wanting to be there early many mornings.  With the help of calm cats, we have seen her grow from a scared anxious child with low self esteem  into a very confident child who has become actively involved in many school activities sometimes even taking a leadership role and who has learned my skills to help with her everyday anxiety. Thank you Calm Cats."      Becky Soto - Parent

Self Guided Biofeedback Improves

"This student had high anxiety to the point that he couldn't function on several occasions. After connecting with this duo, I noticed that he was able to calm down and get back to class within an hour, versus the 3 hours or more it would take before...After learning more about the approach they use with biofeedback, I believe this is one of the reasons he's coping and being successful in school this year."

-Iris Pelton, Counselor at Crowley High School

Software and Training Packages

Stress Management and Peak Performance Training Clinical Package with Tropical Heat and Ear Clip  

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Stress Management and Peak Performance Training Clinical Package with Tropical Heat and Finger Clip 

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Penny Haight
M.Ed., LPC-S

Penny Haight is an approved education provider with the Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of State Health Services for school counselors and Licensed Professional Counselors. She is also an approved Supervisor for Counselor Interns.